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Photoshop 6 Effects Magic

Photoshop 6 Effects Magic
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Photoshop 6 Effects Magic
by Rhoda Grossman, Sherry London
Paperback - 368 pages Bk & Cd-Rom edition (February 15, 2001)
New Riders Publishing
ISBN: 073571035X
Dimensions (in inches): 0.79 x 8.08 x 10.07

In Photoshop 6 Effects Magic, a array of professionals illustrate the use of many of Photoshop 6's new features as well as basic techniques in a collection of over 20 tutorials. This book is not for freshmen Photoshop artists. It requires that you have a working knowledge of basic Photoshop tools, getting around the interface, and creating and editing Photoshop images.

Spanning four sections, the book covers painting techniques, photographic techniques, image manipulation, and compositing techniques. Each section contains at least five tutorials, and all are in full color and richly illustrated. While the book is not platform-specific, many of the techniques described in the "Painting Techniques" section, for example, are dependent on a graphics tablet. If you use Photoshop for freehand illustration, you're probably already using one. If not, you can still use many of the techniques described with a mouse, albeit with less control.

Creating painterly illustrations from photographs in a sketch or watercolor style is well covered, as are manipulating and retouching photographs to change atmosphere, create multilayered compositions, or add depth or style. Compositing techniques using Photoshop's live effects give a designer great latitude, and the tutorials using text and live effects are especially worthwhile.

The Magic series of books from New Riders Publishing is an outstanding collection, with no expense spared in layout or production. Photoshop 6 Effects Magic holds its own in this distinguished series, and is a valuable handbook to have at your fingertips. -- Mike Caputo

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