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The Image Processing Handbook, Third Edition

The Image Processing Handbook
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The Image Processing Handbook, Third Edition
by John C. Russ
Hardcover - 800 pages 3rd edition (October 1998)
CRC Press
ISBN: 0849325323
Dimensions (in inches): 1.54 x 10.32 x 7.38

A comprehensive reference for students and professionals in the sciences, engineering, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, or any of the other many fields in which images are processed. Describes the techniques used both to enhance an image for human perception and to prepare an image for testing or measurement. Includes frequency- space methods with extensive mathematical presentations, and spatial- domain processing, which requires only a modest technical background in mathematics or computers. Explains the principles behind the popular software so readers can program or adjust it to meet particular constraints or goals. Highly illustrated, mostly in black and white.

Image Processing Handbook covers methods for two different purposes: improving the visual appearance of images to a human viewer preparing images for measurement of the features and structures present The handbook presents an extensive collection of image processing tools, enabling the user of computer-based system to understand those methods provided in packaged software and to program additions needed for particular applications. Comparisons are presented of different algorithms that may..

The author sells a companion CD (The Image Processing Tool Kit) that is a set of image processing plug-ins to Photoshop

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