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Mac OS X Version 10.1 Black Book: The Reference Guide for Power Users

Mac OS X Version 10.1 Black Book: The Reference Guide for Power Users
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Mac OS X Version 10.1 Black Book: The Reference Guide for Power Users
by Mark R. Bell, Debrah D. Suggs
Paperback - 688 pages Bk & Cd-Rom edition (January 25, 2002)
The Coriolis Group
ISBN: 1576106063
Dimensions (in inches): 1.70 x 9.16 x 7.42

Book Description: Explores the important new aspects of the newest client version of the Mac OS X, including the operating system's move to a Unix BSD Kernel. Written by the author team of the highly successful Mac OS 8.5 Black Book (Coriolis, 1-57610-304-8). Provides a higher level of detailed information compared to beginner-level The Mac OS X Book (Coriolis, 1-57610-605-5). Helps you maximize the many new features of Mac OS X, including enhanced robustness and full multitasking capability. Provides step-by-step solutions to everyday problems encountered when working with OS X.

Spotlight Reviews:
Reviewer: A reader from Mahwah, NJ United States
I find the book informative and well written, but this is not for power users. It contains beginner information and how to use popular 3rd party utilities. The book lacks depth, and Unix shell is in an appendix. If you are looking for a book to explore the unix side of Mac OS X, look elsewhere. If you are looking on how to set up your user environment and are looking for some possible shareware or 3rd party utilities to enhance your use of OS X, then this is for you. This book is targeted to the wrong audience. It is an intermediate book.

Reviewer: Matt from Evanston, IL United States
This is a good book for any user of Mac OS X. It can be very basic in its instructions and descriptions, but can also prove to be a good reference book for the more advanced user. It you are a complete UNIX nerd, skip it and buy a UNIX specific book. This book should answer many of your OS X questions.

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