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Mask Pro 2.0.1

Mask Pro 2.0.1
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Mask Pro 2.0.1
by Extensis
Platform: Mac OS, Windows 95 / 98 / NT
Media: CD-ROM
ASIN: B00002S9JR

Extensis Mask Pro 2.0 provides expert-level tools that dramatically reduce the time necessary for masking and selecting complex objects in Adobe Photoshop.

With Color Matching Technology, edge blending, intelligent edge detection and color selection, Mask Pro is the only masking solution that provides both fast and professional-quality results.

Key Features:
- New! IntelliBrush and IntelliWand tools remove backgrounds with a single click.
- New! EdgeBlender technology instantly subtracts background colors from partially transparent mask edges.
- Advanced PrecisionEdge detection automatically creates perfect edges between contrasting areas of an image.
- Exclusive Keep and Drop Color Matching Technology creates highly-detailed masks and selections.
- Clipping Path generation provides total control and accuracy without RIP-stopping bezier curves.

Before and After
Create prepress or web-ready masks and cutouts. Masks are placed in user-selected channels so multiple elements can be masked separately and a clipping path created for each one.

Keep and Drop
Innovative color matching technology makes it simple to decide which colors you keep and which colors you leave behind. Keep and Drop colors provide the most accurate masks, creating partially transparent selections with sub-pixel accuracy. Fine details such as hair are preserved.

Intellibrush and IntelliWand
Allow you to quickly start masking without selecting Keep and Drop colors. Simply click on the background and Mask Pro determines what to keep or drop—automatically!

Tool Palette
The toolkit makes picking the right tool for the job as easy as point and click. Zoom and pan controls make it easy to navigate complex images and gain pixel level control.

Complete Control
Simply decide which colors you want to keep and which colors you want to drop. Then use Mask Pro's Magic Brush to isolate the image you want. The Magic Brush removes the drop colors you've selected, leaving a perfect cutout every time. Mask Pro's powerful tools give you complete control over the masking process including color selection thresholds, edge softness, brush sizes and more.

Clipping Path Dialog
Mask Pro's superior vector-based path generator is blindingly fast and results in a smooth path that will quickly rip on any imagesetter without "jaggies."

Mask Pro's tools give you complete control over the masking process.
- Edge Detection Advanced PrecisionEdge magic Pen automatically detects and creates perfect edges between contrasting areas of an image. Resulting paths can either be edited as traditional Bezier or edge-detecting paths.
- Safe Mode Prevents errors by limiting masking to the selected area.
- Undo / Redo Unlimited, progressive undo and redo creates time-saving shortcuts and help protect your work against unwanted changes.
- Standard Brush Useful for painting indistinct boundaries or removing unwanted details.
- Airbrush Paints soft-edged strokes on an image.
- Bucket Fill Instantly fills closed areas in the mask.
- Magic Fill Easily patches holes or defects in the mask.
- Pen Tool Draw straight or curved line segments.

System Requirements:
Macintosh System Requirements
- Mac OS System 7.5.5–9.x
- Photoshop 4.0–6.0
- PowerPC
- 32MB RAM
Windows System Requirements:
- Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 or 2000
- Photoshop 4.0 –6.0
- Pentium
- 32MB RAM

Also supports: Corel Photo-Paint 8.0

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