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Intellihance Pro 4.0

Intellihance Pro 4.0
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Intellihance Pro 4.0
by Extensis
Platform: Mac OS, Windows 95 / 98 / NT
Media: CD-ROM
ASIN: B00002S9K1

A major upgrade! Intellihance Pro 4.0 streamlines image enhancement and color correction to make it easy to make your images look their best.

Split or repeat the fully customizable preview to compare up to 25 settings combinations at once. Intellihance Pro is perfect for enhancing images from any source, including digital cameras, flatbed and drum scanners, and original digital artwork.

Professional Image Enhancement
Intellihance Pro analyzes each image individually to determine the optimal settings for enhancing or color correcting. Easily fine tune and compare different settings for fast, professional results.

Multi-Pane Previews
Preview a single image split or repeated across five rows and columns to compare up to 25 different adjustments or variations at once.

View Before/After previews simultaneously
Split your image into two or more views to compare the original image alongside its enhanced version.

Takes Photoshop Variations to the next level. Using multi-pane previews, visually and interactively adjust any setting, including color cast, contrast, saturation (shown), brightness, color balance (shown) and sharpening. Quickly change the incremental variance for adjustable fine-tuning.

View panes with or without labels and frames
One simple keystroke hides labels and frames for more accurate comparisons.

View up to 25 comparisons at once
(PowerVariation cast shown) View 25 subtle variations changes or 25 different presets at once, in either split image or repeating image mode.

Image grid output
Any layout combination can be printed to an output device or saved as a separate file. Intellihance Pro can create a new layer in the existing document with the image grid output (allowing the information to be saved with the original file). At the same time the image grid is created, a summary text file is created with all the changes for each pane in the layout.

Streamlines Image Adjustment
Intellihance Pro consolidates dozens of imaging options into a single dialog, including contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness, smart Dust and Scratches removal, paper and ink settings, automatic cast removal and more.

Save Presets
Save any combination of enhancement settings for future use within Intellihance Pro. Presets are available directly from Photoshop menus for rapid image correction. Provides several presets for common adjustments and digital camera options.

Batch Processing
Using Photoshop Actions, you can process an entire folder of images hand-free. Each image is analyzed and enhanced based on the individual needs of the image. Ideal for large jobs.

Supports Multiple Applications
Enhances images in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photo-Paint.

System Requirements:
Macintosh System Requirements
- Mac OS System 7.5.5 9.x
- Photoshop 4.0 6.0
- ImageReady 1.0 2.0
- PowerPC
- 32MB RAM
Windows System Requirements
- Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 or 2000
- Photoshop 4.0 6.0
- ImageReady 1.0 2.0
- Pentium
- 32MB RAM

Also supports: Corel Photo-Paint 8.0

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