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KPT Effects

KPT Effects
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KPT Effects
by procreate
Platform: Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000 / Me
Media: CD-ROM
ASIN: B00005Q79J

KPT Effects Features:
- 9 new Adobe Photoshop-compatible plug-ins
- Improved rendering engine and navigational control
- Create the look and feel of an actual painting
- Add liquid distortion effects to images
- Create everything from water spots to smoky swirls

KPT Effects is a collection of nine new Adobe Photoshop-compatible plug-ins designed to quickly add effects to digital images. Enhancing the creative power of Adobe Photoshop and other compatible applications, KPT Effects enables designers to apply effects that range from practical to fantastic.

Separate an image into color regions to give it the look and feel of an actual painting with KPT Pyramid Paint. The KPT Fluid plug-in lets users make an image look as if it were floating on a pool of liquid. Users can add liquid distortion effects to images and create short animations. With KPT Lightning people can create realistic lightning effects by controlling every aspect of the bolt and path. Users can choose from geometrical shapes, including cylinder, sphere, or cube, and apply pinch or vortex styles to create complex tiling effects that can be transformed through four-dimension space by using KPT Hyper Tiling.

KPT Scatter's 2-D particle system scatters an imported image or a grid of images in a pattern over your original image. KPT Channel Surfing allows users to apply blur, contrast, and sharpen effects to any or all of the RGB, hue, luminance, or saturation channels. With KPT Ink Dropper, you can add drops of liquid to a surface to create everything from water spots to smoky swirls. KPT FraxFlame II features an improved rendering engine and increased navigational control, allowing for the creation of stunning fractals. Get even more control when generating gradients with KPT Gradient Lab.

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