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Learning Photoshop 5.5/Imageready 2.0

Learning Photoshop 5.5/Imageready 2.0
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Learning Photoshop 5.5/Imageready 2.0
- NTSC format (US and Canada only)
- Color
- Number of tapes: 3
- ASIN: 0966822978

Customer Reviews:
Reviewer: underwaterphoto from Stoughton, MA USA
If your lookking for the latest on web design techniques, you will enjoy this teaching seminar. If you are looking for image improvement skills, color management to print, etc. , this set of tapes will leave you very disappointed.

Reviewer: A viewer from Russia
Few books about instructional guidelines have touched my reading persona. "Learning Photoshop 5.5/Imageready 2.0" has. If you are at home, just bought the program Photoshop, and fooling around with the nifty tools within this program, you might want to get this book. Procedures on how to actually accomplish something in short time are what this book is about. Of course, it'll take much time to get used to a program, but this book could help a lot. Be familiar with the uses of such programs and it's creative tools and color proportions and distortions; getting this book will help you get off to a great start!

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