Photoshop Color Correction & Theory Tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials - Color Correction and Theory:

Photoshop Tutorials: Color Correction and Theory

    Featured Photoshop Color Correction and Theory Tutorials

Advanced Color Correction   Advanced Color Correction
With Photoshop you have the power to correct color faults and give your image a professional finish. Find out how to achieve that cover star look using Photoshop's floating curve layers...
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    Photoshop Color Correction and Theory Tutorials Listings

A Compact Quide to Color Correction in Photoshop
Got a digital camera? Got Photoshop? Read this to discover all about the color correction about the digital camera and Photoshop.

Color Theory from Kodak Digital Learning Center
Basic Photoshop color theory and describes on how color is represented and reproduced digitally.

A Compact Guide to Monitor Calibration
Are things looking murky on your monitor? Find out how to calibrate it.

Basic Color Theory for the Desktop
An overview of color theory: the nature of color and the factors that determine how we perceive it.

Basic Color Correction
There are some very simple steps to take in making general correction for color images that will go a long way toward getting great image color.

Brilliant Color
Explain the theory of ICC and give you practical tips on how to get your colors perfect in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Quark Xpress.

Casting out Unwanted Color
Correct color casts with Adobe Photoshop advanced color management function.

Color Management in Adobe Photoshop 5
How to use the color management features in Photoshop 5 including some color management workflows.

Color Management Systems
How color management systems work. An examination of their components and a glossary of color management terms.

Color Management Workflows for Adobe Photoshop 5
A number of specific steps for accomplishing certain color management tasks in Photoshop 5.

Color Models
An overview of common color models used in color management and color production.

Color Correction/Image Editing Tutorial
This tutorial will explore some color correction/image editing techniques.

Color Temperature and Color Correction in Photography
In this document we discuss color temperature and color correction as it applies to photography.

Glossary of Color Management Terms
Definitions and illustrations of terms related to color management.

Photoshop Color Correction Using Levels
You always wanted to change those faded images into bright, vibrant images, you can do it with this Photoshop tutorial on color correction using levels.

Photoshop Spot channels
With Photoshop's spot color channels you won't have to bring your images into Illustrator to color and back to your page layout to position just so.

Sepia Toning in Photoshop and the Darkroom
The following Photoshop tutorial illustrate sepia toning in Photoshop and the darkroom.

Spot Color and Photoshop Oil and Water?
Learn how to make Photoshop and spot color mix.

Turning off Color Profiles in Photoshop
Learn to remove and management the color profiles in Photoshop.

Using Adobe Gamma
Calibrating your monitor gamma for color management using Adobe Gamma.

Color Editing in Photoshop
Working with color in Photoshop takes some specialist techniques - whether you're making global adjustments or just want to change part of your image. Learn how to get the best possible results in Photoshop color editing...

Photoshop Color Correction Books
Professional Photoshop 6: The Classic Guide to Color Correction
Professional Photoshop 6: The Classic Guide to Color Correction

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