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Snowflake Tutorial
This tutorial is based on the principles of reflection and rotation, the same principles by which you made those folded and cutout snowflakes in elementary school.

Professional Cover illustration
Photoshop artist Anthony Robinson takes you step by step through creating this fantastic cover illustration, experimenting with a variety of fresh techniques and creative possibilities...

Photoshop no Plug-in Flames
Create realistic flames without using a plugin

Photoshop Starburst Tutorial
Beginner's Photoshop tutorial. It illustrates how to create a eye-catching starburst with polar coordinates, in 3 easy steps.

Fade Fast with Feathering
Sometimes, the effect you're looking for is not just a fade, but a "disintegration". By feathering selections, applying Gaussian blur, and gradually deleting, you can achieve this effect.

Wrapping a Graphic
Wrapping a graphic poses a couple of extra challenges. But it's worth your while to take extra steps to make the end product look realistic.
Wireframe Sphere
This tutorial illustrates how to create a wireframe sphere, by creating a grid texture, and then using the Sphereize filter.

Photoshop Grid Tutorial
Creating grid lines with photoshop is easy, and can be used to make your imagery look tight and froody.

Rounded Corners
How to create precise rounded boxes and frames

Celtic Knot
As you work through it, you will learn some valuable lessons about the use of layers.

Photoshop Anti-Aliasing
Use these techniques when you've drawn an un-antialiased mask and you want it to be smooth.

Photoshop: Spherizing
We've provided the template for your new crystal ball. All you have to do is download it. What then, you ask? Insert any image into the ball and follow the steps below.

Homemade Mac: Better than a Hallmark Store
Create thank-you cards in a matter of minutes

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