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Halftones and Scanning   Halftones and Scanning
Traditional halftoning techniques form the basis for digital halftoning. This section will examine these techniques and give you a good foundation for better understanding digital images. The section is divided into three parts:...
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Scanning Line Art
Getting a good line art scan with a desktop scanner is easy, but there are some extra steps you need to take to insure the best quality. Yes, it takes just a little more time, but it's worth it.

Finding your Scanner's Weet Spot
All flatbed scanners have minor inconsistencies in their scanning mechanisms. It should then come as no surprise that there are areas within the imaging area of your scanner that are better than others. If possible, you should place your image within this "sweet spot" to obtain the best and most consistent scans.

Using a Polaroid Cammera with a Scanner
When in a pinch for a quick image, Polaroid offers an instant solution. Take a picture of your subject with a Polaroid camera, scan it into your computer and voila - you've captured your image!

How to Scan a Book
The truth of the matter is that scanning a book can be extremely easy if you know what you are doing. Otherwise it will be a nightmare. Scanning a book is very different from scanning other types of documents. The tips in this article should be of great help.

Proper Setup of a Scanner
Installing a scanner is usually quite easy. For the most part it's plug and play. That is, you plug in your scanner into your computer, install the scanner software, and play! But there can be a few "gotchas" along the way.

Do you Really Need All that Resolution?
It seems even the scanner makers are now caught up in the more-is-betterroutine. A few years ago 300dpi 16-shade grey was an incredible scanner, to-day it seems if you dont have a 600dpi 24-bit scanner youll likely to get drummed out of the local DTP users club. But do you really need 600dpi?

Scanning FAQ
A list of frequently asked questions about scanners and scanning.

Scanning 101 - The Basics
A complete scanning tutorial covering print, web and video.

Bit Depth, Scan Mode and File Size
When scanning images, Bit Depth is an important issue and drastically affects file size.

Scanning Tips: Scan Right and Save Time
A little effort pre-Photoshop can not only yield better final images but also save the time you might otherwise spend correcting scans.

Scanning for Output Method
When scanning, you always have the choice of what kind of image you want to capture. For line art, you would usually choose 1-bit mode (although there are times when it is better to scan using 8-bit mode , see section xxx). For B&W photographs, you generally would scan using 8-bit mode. There are times, however, when you may want to scan a photograph in Halftone (also known as Dither) mode.

Scanning Great Backgrouds Effects
An endless variety of backgrounds are possible -- everything from leaves, coffee beans and wood siding can make an appealing backdrop for a catchy headline or block of text.

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