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Fire Effect   Fire Effect
>This sequence employs a great, hidden, feature of Liquify that allows you to save and load a distortion mesh. With this enhancement Liquify becomes a much more functional distortion tool that offers multiple levels of control that would not be available without it. The fire distortion can take a little practice so you may want to start with a single letter before you attempt a more complex image like the one created here.
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Rain Drops   Rain Drops
This is a technique came up with when Photoshop version 6 came out. The advanced features of the Layer Styles dialog box have some very handy features that can be used when you are creating transparent effects. The sequence for this "water" effect is done entirely in a single Layer Style. So once it has been created it can be saved and applied to any layer that has hard edged opacity against a field of transparency. This also means you can paint on the styled layer and the effect will render "live", so it's pretty to watch.
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Page Curl Effect
This tutorial will describe how you can create a page curl effect using just the built-in Photoshop options. No extras are needed for this effect.

Reflections in Sunglasses
As you build custom reflections in your sunglasses, you will learn some neat things about using Photoshop

Photoshop Scanlines Tutorial
A step-by-step tutorial about how to create TV scanlines on your imagery, as demonstrated on the above header.

Image Interlacing
A tutorial on how to create an interlaced (scan lines) video effect on your stock photos or images.

Photoshop Dots Tutorial
The next generation of polka dots.

Photoshop Lighting Effects Tutorial
This tutorial will demonstrate a smooth beveling effect far superior to the cheesy predictable look of Alien Skin's Eye Candy Inner Bevel.

Snow at the Bahamas
How to let it snow wherever you want.

Matrix Effect
Creating some kinda Matrix Effect by using Photoshop special effects function.

Forgotten Filters
A lot of Photoshop's effect filters have uses that aren't immediately obvious. Here we explore dark corners of your Filter menu that haven't seen a mouse click in years...

Ray of Light2
How to render spectacular light-ray effects using Photoshop 6 render function.

Photoshop Reflecting Sphere Tutorial
Create shiny buttons for your interfaces or to enhance your logos. This tutorial is quite long, and complex; however, every detail is described. If you encounter any problems, try reading it more closely, or take some of my other tutorials, to ge more aquainted with Photoshop.

Making a Line Drawing from a Photo
In this tutorial, you will work with some interesting Photoshop filters and techniques to create a line-drawing from a photo.

Lighting Effects
Learning how to use the built-in lighting effects filter is one of the most important skills you'll ever learn for Photoshop. It allows you to add volume and reality to normal 2D objects.

Smoke Thrills
We know that Photshop rocks but does it smoke too?

Assembled Pipes
Pipes seem to be very popular but they have to be assembled to use them for interface borders.

Lights, Channel and Action
Create 3d effects the easy way with Photoshop's lighting effects filter.

Wood Type
Create a planet with trees on it out of a normal photo.

Nebulae Special Effect
Create a nebulae using filters and color correction commands.

Stars Effect
Create a starry universe using filters and color correction commands

Capsule Tutorial
As you work through this tutorial you will gain experience with the following concepts:Making simple shapes - Using alpha channels to save selections - Manipulating selections - Using the gradient tool - Using filters - Using multiple layers to achieve effects - Using opacity settings

Plastic Package Effects
Create a Plastic Package Effect on your image

Photoshop Lighting Effects
In this tutorial we show you how to take total control of the lighting in an image...

Photoshop Special Effects / FX Books
Photoshop 6 Effects Magic
Photoshop 6 Effects Magic

Photoshop Web Graphics f/x  & Design
Photoshop Web Graphics f/x & Design

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