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Adobe Photoshop Elements 1.0

Adobe Photoshop Elements 1.0
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Adobe Photoshop Elements 1.0
by Adobe
Platform: Mac OS, Windows Me / NT / 98 / 2000
Media: CD-ROM

# $30 manufacturer's mail-in rebate available to previous owners of Adobe Photoshop LE, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, ArcSoft PhotoStudio, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft PhotoDraw and Picture IT!, MGI PhotoSuite, or ULEAD Photoimpact and Photo Express #

By merging Photoshop sophistication with tutorials and newbie helpers--and offering it at a pocketbook-friendly price--Adobe has created a cool tool for digital shutterbugs. Based on Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop Elements trims the most advanced features from Photoshop and replaces them with buckets of user-friendliness.

The interface, which will feel immediately comfortable to Mac users, is full of hints and helpers. By default, the workspace contains a dynamic hints window that displays nuggets of data and links to more detailed help for each tool your mouse cursor passes over. Tabs displayed above the workspace function similarly to pull-down menus: clicking on one opens a window which covers functions such as file browsing, displaying image revision history, applying effects and filters, and so on. Some even act like Windows-style wizard tutorials.

The most wizard-like among these is the Recipes window, which walks users through the software's hundred or so image editing options with step-by-step instructions. Recipes included with the program deal with the most pedestrian of tasks like color correction and image rotating, all the way up to daring endeavors like colorizing black-&-white photos and creating animated GIF files. More recipes are available via download and...

Produce Outstanding Results
Easily create professional-quality output for print and the Web.
• Incorporate graphics into printed flyers, brochures, and presentations.
• Automatically generate multiple copies and sizes of a photo on a single page.
• Create Adobe® PDF files that can be easily shared with colleagues.
• Upload your photos to to share photos, make personalized cards, or print 35mm-quality photos that are then mailed directly to family and friends. (U.S. only)

Explore Your Creativity
Let your imagination run wild!
• Add interesting graphic elements using the large library of simple shapes and symbols.
• Add various effects and styles that are instantly applied to all layer contents.
• Add and change text, fonts, and effects directly on your image without restrictive dialog boxes.
• Simulate different painting and drawing techniques using a wide variety of brushes.

Web Tools
Quickly and easily create eye-catching visuals for your Web page.
• Add custom 3D effects, drop shadows, bevels, and glows to text and buttons.
• Use cool GIF animation tools to create animated graphics.
• Create your own Web galleries using custom templates.
• Experiment with real-time image-compression controls to create quality images with minimal file sizes.

Easy To Use and Affordable
Easily create eye-catching images using the tools that the pros use.
• Use Hints to learn sophisticated Adobe® Photoshop® tools, and Recipes to perform advanced image-editing techniques, such as compositing and color correction.
• Visually preview an image and apply creative filters, complex effects, and styles with ease.
• Quickly view your most recent editing operations and undo multiple steps with a single click.
• Visually locate the photo you want with the integrated image browser.

Digital Photography : Explore and Create
Now you are ready to explore your creative options.
• Merge and blend multiple images into a seamless panorama using Adobe Photomerge(TM) technology.
• Combine multiple images, text, and graphics on layers. Easily move or modify the layers at any time.
• Twist and pull your images for surreal effects or subtle enhancements.
• Magically erase the background in your photo to help you create realistic compositions.

Digital Photography : Capture and Correct
Capture photos from digital or traditional cameras and start working with your images immediately.
• Quickly straighten and crop your scanned photos, remove red-eye, and fix overexposed areas with a few clicks of the mouse.
• Adjust the tone of a specific area of your photo using the dodge, burn, and sponge tools.
• Eliminate the guesswork from color correction. Adobe® Photoshop® Elements can automatically create several color-adjusted versions of your image for you to choose from.

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