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Welcome to Photoshop 5.0 [Part Two]

Welcome to Photoshop 5.0 [Part Two]
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Welcome to Photoshop 5.0 [Part Two]
• NTSC format (US and Canada only)
• Color, Closed-captioned
• ASIN: B00000JNWO

Description: A continuation of the in depth descriptions of the newest features in Photoshop 5.0, including the Channel Mixer, 16-Bit Operations, the Automate Menu, Advanced Spot Colors, Mul tiple Color Samplers, the 3D Transform Filter, Transforming Selections, and Profile to Profile. Every topic covered on this tape is fully applicable through Photoshop version 5.5.

Reviewer: A viewer from East Coast, USA
Well, I'm not sure that that other reveiwer was talking about, but I think that these tapes (I have the other Welcome to Photoshop tape, and the Illustrating tapes with Bert Moneroy that are part of the same series) are simply the best Photoshop training videos you can get today. I'm just a beginner, and there's some stuff that I need to look at more than once, but I can't imagine learning Photoshop any other way!

Reviewer: luis sanz from Spain
Me gustaría revisar este video para una futura compr

Welcome to Photoshop [Part One]

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