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Create a Background Image for your Web Page   Create a Background Image for your Web Page
You can set a photo as the background image of a Web page. Unfortunately, a full-color photo large enough to fill an entire Web page results in a huge file requiring lots of bandwidth to download. Here's how you can use Adobe® Photoshop® Elements to create an attractive monochromatic background image large enough to fill your Web page, but with a file size small enough to download quickly.
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Create Web Photo Galleries   Create Web Photo Galleries
Want to organize your images into an online gallery? Need to put together a quick portfolio for a prospective client to view? Learn how the Web Photo Gallery tool in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements generates a gallery with easy navigation for viewing your images in a browser.
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Displacing Textures
How to cause a texture to wrap around the edges of a shape in Photoshop, here’s how. This effect is useful for imitating wood engraving, stone etching, or water reflections.

Photoshop Elements: How Do I …?
A text base page of answers to commonly asked questions about simple Photoshop Elements editing techniques.

Photoshop Elements Basics
Get a broad overview of the tools, palettes and menus, and an introduction to the location of important features and functions.

Creating a Postcard
Need to create professional looking postcards in a rush? They're in the mail if you use Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Liquify Gallery
Take a tour through the Adobe Photoshop Elements Liquify gallery to get your creative juices flowing. Follow along below to learn how each image was created.

Why Layers?
Learn the value of using multiple layers while editing your images. Also included is a lot of basic information on using tools and palettes.

Color Correcting a Scanned Image
Learn how to use Photoshop Elements to make color corrections on scanned images.

Reference: Photoshop Elements Tools
Find information on every tool in the Photoshop Elements toolbox. Extensive screen shots, with descriptions of features, dialog boxes, options, and shortcuts. Explanations of how each tool works, or why it won’t work.

Symmetrical Flowers
Ridiculously simple technique that is tons of fun and which gives very interesting results. It’s how the "Photoshop Flowers" in my Free Photos section were made.

Multilayer Masks
If you would like to apply one layer mask to multiple layers, here’s how. This is a very simple technique.

Artistic Filtering
If you use this simple technique to isolate and accentuate important details in your photographs, you can get much better results when applying filters to pictures of people.

Simulated Alpha Channels
This tutorial teach you how to select very complicated objects without using the annoying lasso or magic wand tools. It will also show you how to save your selection outlines so you can use them over and over again.

Playing with Styles
Learn how to use layer style combinations to create fast and easy frames for you images. The techniques shown will also work on buttons and other Web interface ingredients. Also learn how to save styles.

Learning Effects Tutorial
By looking closely at all the steps that go into creating the effects found in the Effects Browser you can learn a great deal about how to use Elements creatively.

Reference: Photoshop Elements Palettes
Detailed information on all the features of Photoshop Element’s palettes. Screen shots of each of the palettes, buttons, dialog boxes, and menus along with explanations of how to use them

Photoshop Elements Books
Introducing Adobe Photoshop Elements
Introducing Adobe Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements : A Visual Introduction to Digital Imaging
Photoshop Elements : A Visual Introduction to Digital Imaging

Photoshop Elements Solutions (With CD-ROM)
Photoshop Elements Solutions (With CD-ROM)

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