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Adobe Photoshop What's New
Learn all about Photoshop and keep up with what's new direct from the authors of the program. If you'd like to try Photoshop before purchasing it, a trial version is available for download.

Internet EYE Magazine
Excellent Photoshop tutorials, free graphic design, web design and tutorial resource on the Internet.

Designs by Mark
Great tips for Photoshop users of all levels. Stunning graphics and step by step instructions clearly guide you how to achieve the desired graphics effects.

Espresso Graphics
Some very nice beginner-level tutorials for Photoshop 4 and 5. Topics include masking, using the color picker, correcting skin tones, and fixing red-eye.

Very cool layout and awesome looking page, features informative tutorials on Photoshop, 3D Studio and more.

Photoshop Cafe
Great selection of tutorials and tips. Owned by the Photoshop World Convention 2001 award winner Colin Smith.

Think Dan
Great tutorials in both html and pdf format.

Eye Ball design
The best interface tutorials. Excellent layout and many of them have attached a psd file.

Trevor Morris
Impressive design and tutorials. The best Photoshop tips and always up to date.

Photoshop Workshops
More than 550 Photoshop tutorials currently listed.

Planet Photoshop
Incredible site with lots of Photoshop related information, tutorials and news.

Well-done Photoshop tutorials that are easily understood even for newbies. Nice tutorial on edge effects, some good beveled button effects, creating text background tiles, and more.

Janee's Tutorials
This site features some Photoshop tutorials you won't find everywere. The wood texture tutorial is very impressive.

Team Photoshop
Excellent overall Photoshop design. Lots of excellent techniques, color correction tutorial, articles and news.

Photoshop Guru's Handbook
All kinds of cool Photoshop things, including a great list of tutorials for newbies through advanced. Includes text effects, scanlines, plastic effects, much more. With this author's methods of teaching, you can learn to solve your problems rather than just following a recipe.

Award winning Islamic influenced interfaces and many helpful Photoshop tutorials and tips.

An excellent resource for all kinds of Photoshop information that includes Photoshop basics, tutorials, downloads for plugins, brushes, and actions.

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Photoshop Related Forums

Adobe Photoshop and Imageready Forum for Mac
Official Photoshop and Imageready for Mac forum from Adobe.

Adobe Photoshop and Imageready Forum for Windows
Official Photoshop and Imageready for Windows forum from Adobe.

Lynda Weinman Photoshop Forum
Photoshop 6.0 discussion forum.

Yahoo Photoshop Clubs
Yahoo group of Photoshop user.

Ultimate Photoshop forum
Photoshop specific forum.

Elated Toolbox Forums
Forums for discussing Photoshop and other related fields.

The Action XChange Message Board
Message board for discussing Photoshop-specific issues.

Photoshop Guru's Forum
Check out what other Photoshop enthusiasts are saying and doing. Ask questions, answer questions, post your art work for review, make some friends!

Photoshop Related Newsgroups


Featured Photoshop Books
Inside Photoshop 7
Inside Photoshop 7

The Photoshop 6 Wow! Book
The Photoshop 6 Wow! Book

Real World Photoshop 6
Real World Photoshop 6

Mastering Photoshop 6
Mastering Photoshop 6

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