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Mastering Photoshop 6

Mastering Photoshop 6
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Mastering Photoshop 6
by Steve Romaniello
Mass Market Paperback - 896 pages Bk & Cd-Rom edition (January 2001)
ISBN: 0782128416
Dimensions (in inches): 2.08 x 8.91 x 7.44

The shift from Photoshop 5 to Photoshop 6 is fairly substantial, and it makes the new version intimidating to both new and experienced Photoshop artists. Mastering Photoshop 6 lays bare the application on which so many depend, making it approachable for new and old users.

Part I, "Back to Basics," is the lion's share of the book, consuming over 400 pages. The first several chapters of this section discuss the philosophy of how Photoshop works and how to set up the application and get around the interface. Next, the process of actually using Photoshop is defined through illustrations and examples. For experienced users, features that are new to Photoshop 6 are highlighted with a big "NEW" button in the margin next to the feature.

Part II explores image retouching and color adjustments, including calibrating an image for printing. Part III, "Mastering Techniques," describes techniques for making selections, using layers, using filters, and various overlay methods. "Photoshop 6 for the Web," Part IV, goes into detail on using Photoshop for preparing artwork for use on Web sites, and how to use ImageReady, the companion to Photoshop for prepping such art.

An ample number of illustrations and screen shots, accompanying step-by-step instructions, make this book a valuable resource. Consisting of 25 chapters, four appendices, and a CD-ROM, this tome is a handy reference manual for users of all levels. If only books of this size came with a spiral binding so they could lie flat on your desk while you're working.

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