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Microsoft Windows XP / 2000

Windows XP for Dummies (For Dummies) Windows XP for Dummies (For Dummies)
by Andy Rathbone
Paperback - 384 pages (September 2001)
Hungry Minds, Inc
ISBN: 0764508938

The top-selling technology book of all time with over 9.5 million copies in print, Windows For Dummies, is now updated to help users figure out Windows XP-the fun and easy way. The Windows operating system controls software and user tasks on a PC. Windows XP is the latest release of the OS that dominates the worldwide PC user market. Covers the essentials new and experienced Windows users need to become familiar with the latest release of the Windows operating system and use its basic and...

Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out
by Ed Bott, Carl Siechert, Craig Stinson
Paperback - 1296 pages Bk & Cd-Rom edition (October 25, 2001)
Microsoft Press
ISBN: 0735613826

Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out is the foremost reference to Windows XP for PC "super users". The book provides the information advanced user really need with no beginner content included. INSIDE OUT is designed to help useres build on what they already know about Windows and quickly dive into what's new. Packed with hundreds of timesaving tips, troubleshooting techniques, and workarounds, this book focuses on doing more and getting more from your PC-including how to put the rich integration of...

Mastering Windows 2000 Professional Mastering Windows 2000 Professional
by Mark Minasi
Paperback - 1040 pages 2nd edition (October 23, 2000)
ISBN: 078212853X

Mark Minasi, the world's #1 Windows NT authority, brings to Microsoft's new generation of Windows operating systems his technical expertise and ability to make topics easy to understand. Completely updated, this second edition teems with in-depth coverage of features new to Windows 2000 Professional, including the file encryption system, Sychronization Manager, and Installer Service, advanced topics such as security and the Registry, and networking topics including administration and remote...

Microsoft Windows XP Step by Step (With CD-ROM)
by Online Training Solutions Inc.
Paperback - 336 pages 1st edition (October 15, 2001)
Microsoft Press
ISBN: 0735613834

This personal training system offers easy-to-follow lessons full of clear objectives, a wealth of task-oriented procedures, and dozens of real-world business scenarios. MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP STEP BY STEP consists of friendly, straightforward instruction with dozens of full-color screenshots and illustrations to help you learn exactly what you need to know at your own pace. A companion CD-ROM includes practice files that are tightly integrated with the lessons, plus movie-style demonstrations of key procedures.

Special Edition Using Microsoft(R) Windows XP, Home Edition
by Robert Cowart, Brian Knittel
Paperback - 1056 pages Special edition (October 10, 2001)
ISBN: 0789726270

Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition is the only book you need to help you get your Windows XP Home system configured and optimized for maximum performance. 95/98/Me and NT/2000 users unite! With the long-awaited release of Windows XP, Windows 95/98, and Me will become obsolete, along with all that old code and problematic DOS legacy support, to be replaced by Windows XP...

Mastering Windows XP Professional
by Mark Minasi
Paperback - 1200 pages 1st edition (October 2001)
ISBN: 0782129811

Mark Minasi, the world's #1 Windows authority, brings to Microsoft's new generation of Windows operating systems his technical expertise and ability to make topics easy to understand. This in-depth guide covers features new to Windows XP Professional, including the revamped desktop, Backup and Recovery Tools, Device Driver Rollback, CD Burning, digital media features, Network Bridging, Personal Firewall, Remote Desktop Connection and the Migration Wizard...

TechTV Microsoft(R) Windows XP for Home Users
by Jim Louderback
Paperback - 380 pages 1st edition (October 19, 2001)
ISBN: 0789726513

The entertaining style makes it fun to read, but readers will come away feeling as if the have learned a lot, too. It is assumed that most readers will have this software, although someone might buy the book as an introduction to Windows XP before upgrading from an earlier version. This book focuses almost exclusively on Windows XP and how earlier versions worked differently.

Hacking Exposed Windows 2000
by Joel Scambray, Stuart McClure
Paperback - 500 pages 1st edition (August 29, 2001)
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
ISBN: 0072192623

From the best-selling co-authors of the world-renowned book, Hacking Exposed, comes Hacking Windows 2000 Exposed. You'll learn, step-by-step, how to defend against the latest attacks by understanding how intruders enter and pilfer compromised networks and weaknesses in password encryption, domain control, Web and IIS 5 communications, LM/NTLM protocols, Active Directory, NetBIOS services, and much more.

Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional (SE Using)
by Robert Cowart, Brian Knittel
Paperback - 1506 pages Bk & Cd Rom edition (March 2000)
ISBN: 0789721252

This reference focuses not only on the technology of Windows 2000 Professional, but also on why the user should care, what can be gotten from the program, and what can be ignored. Cowart (author of 12 books on Windows) and Knittel (software and networks designer) cover using the interface, running programs, organizing documents, sharing data between applications, printing, and managing fonts; internet connection options and tools; networking on the LAN; system configuration and customization;...

Windows 2000 Pro: The Missing Manual
by Sharon Crawford
Paperback - 444 pages 1 Ed edition (November 2000)
O'Reilly & Associates
ISBN: 0596000103

Windows 2000 Pro combines the friendly interface of Windows 98 with the famous stability of Windows NT. Windows 2000, the successor to NT, introduces many technologies that weren't available in NT, including Plug-and-Play, support for USB devices, power management features, and more. It's 25% faster than Windows 98 and three times as stable. Unfortunately, despite all the enhancements, Microsoft forgot to address one of NT's most glaring omissions: Windows 2000 doesn't include a printed...

Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
by Jerry Joyce, Marianne Moon, Microsoft Corporation
Paperback - 352 pages 1 edition (December 6, 2000)
Microsoft Press
ISBN: 0735611653

A beginner to intermediate level guide to Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional. Shows how to diagnose the problem, solve it with step-by-step instructions and screen shots, and avoid further trouble by downloading solutions from the companion Web site. Softcover. DLC: Microsoft Windows (Computer file).
  Mac OS

Mac OS X Version 10.1 Little Black Book Mac OS X Version 10.1 Little Black Book
by Gene Steinberg
Paperback - 560 pages (February 8, 2002)
The Coriolis Group
ISBN: 1588802949

This book teaches you how to install, configure, and troubleshoot Mac OS X. You will learn how Mac OS X can now network with Windows NT, Window 2000, and Unix-based SAMBA servers without special software. This book also covers the newest features and changes that occurred in the first major upgrade.

Mac OS X Version 10.1 Black Book: The Reference Guide for Power Users Mac OS X Version 10.1 Black Book: The Reference Guide for Power Users
by Mark R. Bell, Debrah D. Suggs
Paperback - 688 pages Bk & Cd-Rom edition (January 25, 2002)
The Coriolis Group
ISBN: 1576106063

Written by the author team of the highly successful Mac OS 8.5 Black Book (Coriolis, 1-57610-304-8). Provides a higher level of detailed information compared to beginner-level The Mac OS X Book (Coriolis, 1-57610-605-5). Helps you maximize the many new features of Mac OS X, including enhanced robustness and full multitasking capability.

Mac OS X: The Missing Manual Mac OS X: The Missing Manual
by David Pogue
Paperback - 450 pages 1st edition (December 15, 2001)
O'Reilly & Associates
ISBN: 0596000820

For personal computer users of every stripe, Mac OS X is a whole new ballgame. It combines Apple's trademark visual elegance with the underlying stability of Unix, which adds up to a rock-solid, gorgeous operating system. Unfortunately, learning Mac OS X is also whole new ballgame. As author David Pogue notes in his introduction, "Mac OS X" is a misnomer--it isn't really the Mac OS at all; there's scarcely a single line of code in common with the tangled, ancient code of the older Mac OS....

Mac 911
by Christopher Breen, Chris Breen
Paperback - 352 pages 1st edition (February 4, 2002)
Peachpit Press
ISBN: 0201773392

Mac 911 not only offers quick-and-dirty fixes for whatails your Macintosh, it also includes projects that show you how to get themost out of your Mac.The first section of Mac 911 focuses on troubleshooting startupproblems and Finder mishaps, and gives you the tools and techniques youneed when applications go bad in either OS X or OS 9. In section two,author Chris Breen explores the untapped potential of the Mac...

The Little Mac OS X Book
by Robin Williams
Paperback - 824 pages 1st edition (December 26, 2001)
Peachpit Press
ISBN: 0201748665

The Little Mac OS X Book. No other author documents the Mac OS the way Robin Williams does. In The Little Mac OS X Book, she brings her inimitable approach to Apple's radically redesigned OS, eschewing jargon for straightforward explanations and a good dose of humor. It's an approach that works equally as well for newcomers looking for a gentle introduction to the Macintosh as it does for experienced Mac users upgrading to OS X.This practical, how-to guide covers all the exciting new features...

Special Edition Using Mac OS X
by Brad Miser
Paperback - 900 pages 1st edition (December 5, 2001)
ISBN: 0789724707

Topic selection focuses on the practical rather than the esoteric. The information in the book is designed to be applicable in regular, daily use of the Mac to accomplish specific tasks with the theme of "learn by doing."

Macworld Mac OS X Bible
by Lon Poole, Dennis R. Cohen
Paperback - 900 pages 1st edition (December 15, 2001)
Hungry Minds, Inc
ISBN: 076453467X

The new Mac OS X is a quantum leap forward for Apple-a network-centric, multitasking operating system that boasts far greater speed, stability, and efficiency than its predecessors. Because of the interface enhancements, emulation mode features, and other exciting changes in this next-generation OS, Mac users will be clamoring to get their hands on this comprehensive reference by a popular Macworld columnist.

Mac OS X Unleashed
by John Ray, William C. Ray, William C Ray
Paperback - 1500 pages 1st edition (November 14, 2001)
ISBN: 0672322293

For advanced users, this book will cover system administration ranging from advanced configuration of FTP servers, SSH tunneling, to installing secure E-mail and Web servers. The progression of the text is designed to move from simple "using" topics through advanced configuration - making it easier for beginners and experienced users to find what they're looking for.

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