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Mastering Windows 2000 Professional

Mastering Windows 2000 Professional
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Mastering Windows 2000 Professional
by Mark Minasi
Paperback - 1040 pages 2nd edition (October 23, 2000)
ISBN: 078212853X
Dimensions (in inches): 1.98 x 8.97 x 7.49

Geared more for the desktop than the network closet, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional has its own collection of features to be capitalized upon and quirks to be accommodated. A couple of esteemed Windows authors--Mark Minasi and Todd Phillips--weigh in on the new and improved operating system in Mastering Windows 2000 Professional. Their expertise and obviously thorough research have yielded a fine book. This is a super choice for power users, systems administrators, and others who want a detailed picture of Windows 2000 Professional's features and how they work.

This is a big, comprehensive treatment of the whole OS, but it manages to avoid the tedium that befalls most of the books in this category. Rather than dryly documenting which interface elements do what, the authors explain how to wring top performance from your computer by telling you rather a lot about the Windows 2000 architecture and its place in networks. Sure, you get the how-to procedures you'd expect, but the prose is the main attraction here. That's where Minasi and Phillips share their knowledge about optimization, troubleshooting, and other tricks of their trade. Lots of OS books claim to be loaded with hints and tricks, but this one really is. Mastering Windows 2000 Professional will answer your novice and intermediate questions, but it more importantly will help you become an expert. --David Wall

Topics covered: Windows 2000 Professional, as it applies to novice and intermediate users who want to increase their level of competence. Early chapters deal with managing files and running applications before explaining how to hook up to the Internet. More advanced coverage goes to networking, performance tweaking, and problem-solving. Though they don't say, it seems likely from this book's ship date that the authors based their research on a late beta version of the OS (probably Release Candidate 2) that was very similar to the final product.

Spotlight Reviews:
Reviewer: Bill Craft from Berkeley, CA
If I only had one book on Win2000 Professional, this 2nd edition would be it! Note: The first edition of this book was good for beginners but did not go deep enough for power users. However, in the second edition, the Minasi we all love from his classic "Win2000 Server" is back--and he is at his best. The 2nd edition is still useful for beginners, but it also has the meat that power users are looking for. Very clear and totally comprehensive.

Reviewer: Harold McFarland from Florida
Mark Minasi's Mastering Windows 2000 Professional, Second Edition is typical of the quality of his past books. The second edition is very thorough, well written, easy to understand and probably the most important reference that I have for Windows 2000 Professional. Quality advice, technically accurate and containing many tips and warnings of potential traps, it simply is a required text for anyone working with this operating system. Since my experience has taught me that Mark Minasi's books were quite simply the best on the market and this edition was as timely, thorough, accurate and detailed as any of his other works, I checked out the first edition and soon found out why it had received many poor reviews. There is no better reference for the advanced user nor no better book for the beginner to learn the system accurately and in detail than this book. Buy the book, keep it within reach at all times, get to know it well, because if you are a system administrator it is going to become your best friend... second edition only though.

Reviewer: Chris Esperian from Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Just the premise of using an operating system daily for critical content and not having a resource like Minasi's MW2k is setting yourself up for trouble. Murphy's Law has never been proven as authentic as often as in the world of computers, and it is only by offering a great review for this book and heartfelt thanks to Minasi for writing it that I can hope to persuade people to realize the priceless value of this tome. Priceless, because a signature talent of system failure is to make whatever irreplaceable work you have disappear forever. Even though I backup religiously, twice I had found myself in the situation of loosing client material at the hands of system errors, both of which I was able to solve just by referencing Mastering Win 2k. Just the chapter "Fixing Windows 2000 When It Breaks" alone justifies the price of this book. I had originally planned to use this book only when needed, but after experiencing the wealth of valuable information in one chapter I am now reading it cover to cover. If you use Windows 2000 professionally or just somewhat regularly, you need "Mastering Windows 2000", period.

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