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Photoshop Tutorials - Photo Retouching and Restoration:

Photoshop Tutorials: Photo Retouching and Restoration

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Photoshop Magic Eraser   Photoshop Magic Eraser
If your image has a fairly solid background that is strongly different from the object you want to isolate, you can use the magic eraser to quickly remove the background.
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Combining Stock Images   Combining Stock Images
In this tutorial we'll show you just how simple it is to create new artwork combining images. It's easy to create vast canvases full of vibrant colour and texture directly from Photoshop itself, or perhaps starting with a few scans, objects, textures or photographs.
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Photo Restoration
Scratches, minor tears, mildewy stuff -- those will be the kinds of things that we will deal with in this Photoshop photo retouching tutorial.

Turn Snapshots into Art
By combining parts of different photos, you can make custom illustrations that aren't limited to the imagery in a single photo.

Sharper Images in Photoshop
Every scanned image needs sharpening. Images from digital cameras can also benefit from sharpening.

Great Gray Scale from Color Photos
Many colors, particularly midtone reds, greens and blues, do not convert well using Photoshop's default "weight averaged" method. Colors may convert to identical gray scale values, giving a "flat" appearance. By adjusting color values before converting to gray scale, you can improve the quality of the converted image.

Photoshop Extract Image Command
If you are using Photoshop 5.5 or 6 you have a new option available - "Image Extract". It is available from Image on the toolbar.

Embracing Imperfection
Deliberate mistakes give art a natural quality

Complete Compositing in Photoshop
Find out how to composite multi image in Photoshop

Mixing Color and Gray Scale
Paint visual impact into a gray-scale image by adding color.

Merge Art and Life
Digital illustration, painting, and image editing applications give artists powerful new tools for creating, but sometimes the software's slick effects and filters can crowd out an artist's personal style.

It's All a Blur
Photoshop's blur filters offer a surprisingly powerful round of creative ammunition.

Photoshop Good Hair Day
Maintaining fine hair details when cropping images

Recreate the Past
Create authenic looking artwork using vintage images and Photoshop's layers.

Get to the Good Stuff
Easy Steps to Removing Backgrounds from Photos. Using the Layer Mask feature in Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and above and Photoshop LE.

Masking Hair Tutorial
In this tutorial we will extract a subject, hair intact, from her background, and place her into another background. As you work through this tutorial, you will get practice with the following: - Using layers - Using the Background Eraser - Using the History Brush

Photo Retouching & Restoration Books
Photoshop Restoration and Retouching
Photoshop Restoration and Retouching

Photoshop 6 Photo-Retouching Secrets
Photoshop 6 Photo-Retouching Secrets

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for Photographers
Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for Photographers

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