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Text Anti-aliasing Guide
One of the most important techniques in making graphics and text easy to read and pleasing to the eye on-screen is anti-aliasing. Anti-aliasing is a cheaty way of getting round the low 72dpi resolution of the computer monitor and making objects appear smooth.

Creating Translucent Web Ggraphics
Create text (or one-color graphics) with a "translucent" effect on a web page, using a simple checkerboard pattern. Layered over top of a graphic, the checkerboard allows the graphic to remain translucent against any background color.

Wobbly Type
This typeFX looks great at higher resolutions but, if handled carefully, works with tiny designs too.

Eroded Text Effect
This is a very cool effect, this will make your text looks eroded, this will be tough if you aren't pretty advanced because I didn't explain it for a beginner.

Text on a Curve (Circle)
Quick and easy way to create text on a circle

Integrate Text with your Image
Anyone can dump a message on top of their artwork. Why not make it visually interesting? Incorporate your text into the design itself. Make use of unusual textures in your images. In this example, we used layer masks in Adobe Photoshop to create text that looks as though it has been painted on tarmac, then driven over a few thousand times.

Reflecting Chrome
Nice reflecting chrome for your Type.

Chrome Text Effect with Layer Styles
Chrome text effect using layer styles in Photoshop 6

Punched Type
Use Photoshop to punch your type into the background with this carved type tutorial

Editable Sstroke
Probably one of the most popular applications for the Photoshop Stroke command (Edit Stroke) is to add an outline around text.

Photoshop Plastic Tutorial
This is an advanced Photoshop tutorial, which will show you how to create a plastic texture on text, buttons or icons, using a combination of lighting effects, and the Screen blending mode.

Personalize that Pill: Engraved Text
Wonder how we got the EyeWire logo on the aspirin? We didn't get special EyeWire tablets manufactured. Instead, we used a recessed type technique to make the image appear engraved into the surface. Try it for yourself! And you aren't limited to pills. With this handy tip, you can put your mark on anything you want.

Photoshop Molten Gold Text Effect
Molten Gold text effect tutorial, using Photoshop wind filter.

Cubic Type
Create soft lightning cubes around your type.

Speed Type
Give your type a nice feeling of speed.

Antique Gold Text
As you work through this project, you will learn some ways to use filters to make a texture. You will learn how to use alpha channels and lighting effects to create a 3D look. We will finish the project by using layer effects.

Elevated Type
Create elevated type complete with reflections.

Basic Photoshop Text Techniques
This is a tutorial describing some very basic techniques which can be used to create some nice looking text.

Broken Text effect
Broken text effect: I tried to make it so that you use a wide variety of features in Photoshop, so that way you will not only learn the tutorial but you'll also learn some about Photoshop.

Photoshop Signed Yype
There are lots of pipe tuts - this one shows you how to apply text on it.

5 Great Text effects
Create neon, fish-eye, glass, wood and ice text effects.

Photoshop Rounding Shapes or Text Tutorial
These steps can be used for rounding shapes and text or anti-aliasing a jagged layer.

Photoshop Dripping Slime Tutorial
Use this tutorial to create rust, slime, or blood dripping from holes, pipes, or text.

Metallic Gradients and Textures
This tutorial is to teach two things, a) basic gradients and b) metallic textures. Start our with basic black text.

Linked Letters tutorial
This little monogram style is one that I am fond of for wedding monograms, with the big letter in the middle the last initial and the smaller letters being his and her first names.

Pixel Cloud Text Effect
Photoshop Pixel Cloud text special effect.

Photoshop Chipped Text tutorial
Use Photoshop to beat up your text.

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